Yamulkap innovative way to block sun and wear kippah

No kippah clips needed for this invention.

If you are looking for a sun visor and kippah in one, then this is the product for you!

If you would however prefer to just wear your Kippah and any visor, you can do that too, with kippah klipz that fit right under your kippah and secure it no matter what else you put on your head.

Have to give it up though, this is quite creative!


How to prevent lost kippahs/yarmulkes

There may be lots of ways to prevent the loss of a kippah:

  • Glue it to your head
  • Put a long string from one side to the other and tie it under your chin
  • Put a GPS tag on it
  • Use “old school” kippah clips” that leave marks on your kippah and can also get lost
  • Resort to bobby pins with tips that come off and scratch your head and also ruin the top of the kippah

So what is the #1 way to prevent losing your kippah without having to use any of the ridiculous methods above???

Kippah Klipz!


These convenient kippah clips are small and fit conveniently underneath your kippah and stay there permanently.

so easy to use- just snap open and close!

…and there you have it the simple and easy way to prevent the loss of a kippah


Passover Sale 2016

Just in time for Pesach! get your klipz at a 15% discount off your entire order- STOCK UP and save!

Yidden wish they had these clips for their kippahs when they were running out of Egypt.

Take advantage of this sale and get your hidden kippah clips for your new yom tov yarmulke.passover 2016

use code “passover16”


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