Purim Sale 2016

Its that special time of year for hamantashen, dancing and drinking.

Make sure when your getting down and flipping everything including yourself on your head to keep your kippah secure.Purim2012_01

get kippah klipz special clips to keep your kippah on your head this purim.

we are having a special sale going on- get 15% off your entire order using code “purim16”

Happy Purim!6330-3


Chanukah 2015 Sale

Its time for chanukah!

Get out your oil and menorah, spin the draidel and get your kippah klipz 20% off for the whole family.

Now is the time for during the festival of lights to snatch up these great clips for your kippah and make sure your kippah stays in place!


Use code “CH20” for 20% off your entire order of kippah clips.

They work on all yarmulkes.

click here to see how they work

Holidays 2015

Holidays 2015!

Shana Tova!

Around this time of year everyone is busy getting new clothes and items for the holidays, how about getting some yarmulke clips to go with your new kippah. Check out Kippah Klipz and enjoy the wonderful benefits of not having to worry about where your clips are and never be nervous if your kippah is going to blow off on your way to shul for yom tov.

Check out the products here

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